When I am not fixing coding bugs, I write and talk about how people interact with artificial systems in the process of acquiring information, and how this interaction augments the user experience and influences decision-making.

I’m interested in analysing this interaction using methods from machine learning, and data visualisation, and theories from information retrieval and user engagement.

Prior to joining the Information School, University of Sheffield, I worked at CASA UCL and UCLH NHS on the i-sense project, creating novel visulazations for infectious disease intervention. I received my Doctorate from University of Sheffield in 2019.

I am interested in a range of subjects, covering:

  • user ineteraction in information retrieval
  • user engagement
  • exploratory search
  • digital health
  • health inqeuality
  • data visualisation
  • human mobility
  • spatial data analysis
  • generative models

If you are interested in working with me, please feel free to drop me an email!